A LinkedIn posting challenge for recruiters

The first round of #MeetYourRecruiter took place in August 2021. It will run again, with all-new prompts, starting on Monday 13th February 2023.

Posting on LinkedIn is a great habit to get into. Research suggests we should aim to post on LinkedIn 2-5 times per week, and around 20 times per month, to see the biggest impact. 

But it's not always easy to know what to post about.

#MeetYourRecruiter gives you a prompt for each day of the week (starting on 13th February) to help keep you sharing.

Take part for as many, or as few, days as you'd like. It's the perfect way to kick-start good posting habits and re-introduce yourself to your network. 


The Prompts

This time we wanted to acknowledge that this is Valentine's week without being too lovey-dovey, or comparing recruitment to dating - eww!

Here's what we came up with to inspire your posts...

Mon 13: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder - Do you remember this trend? It was started by Dolly Parton in 2020. Share your profile pics (it doesn't have to be genuine) for the 4 different platforms and give us some insight into your personality. It doesn't have to be these 4 websites either, feel free to get creative!

Tue 14: Jobs with Benefits - Share a job and list all the benefits that come along with working at the company.

Wed 15: Update - Did you start 2023 with a new years resolution, a word of the year, or a particular goal in mind? How is it going? Give us an update. 

Thu 16: Update  - As recruiters, we probably turn down more people for jobs than we can make offers to. It's the saddest part of our work. Today we want you to share a tip for job seekers about dealing with rejection. 

Fri 17: (Photo)Dump - Last year, Instagram brought us the PhotoDump. This week we're bringing it to LinkedIn because posts with lots of images tend to do well for engagement. Don't leave this post until Friday, you'll need to be snapping pics for it all week. But don't worry - they can be random, unedited and low-effort. Share your week in pictures.


Remember to follow the #MeetYourRecruiter hashtag on LinkedIn.

This makes it easy for Katharine and the team at Recruiting Gym to find and engage with your posts, giving them a boost. 



Daily Workout

During Meet Your Recruiter week, Katharine takes over Recruiting Gym's Daily Workout.

The Daily workout is a 10-15 minute daily video broadcast, at 09:00 UK time. Each week has a different theme, and it's designed to help you start your day with a little bit of personal development and/or inspiration. 

Katharine will be joined by a different guest each morning. They will discuss ideas for that day's prompt and what they will be sharing on LinkedIn. 

You can register for the Daily Workout for free via Crowdcast. 

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